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     目录 Contents

      谈论工作和职业 Talking about Work and Careers

      做决定 Making Decisions

      商场上的殷勤待客 Corporate Business Hospitality

      请别人帮忙 Asking favors of other people

      出差 Buiness Trips

      讨论不同的观点 Discussing different points of view

      尽忠言提意见 Giving advices and opinions

      公共关系 Public relations s

      打电话 Telephone calls

      办公设备 Office electronic equipment

      计算机操作 Computer operations

      信息时代 The information age

      找工作 Looking for a job

      雇佣关系 Employment issues

      假期和请假 Holiday and leave issues

      公司内部活动 Activities

      商务会议 Business meetings

      商务谈判 Business negotiations

      交易会 Business conf erences/Trade fairs

      财务部 Financial department

      公司管理 Management

      市场部 Marketing department

      销售部 sales department

      股票交易市场 the stock market

      公司培训 training

      团队合作 teamwork

      全球化业务 Entering global business

      公司业绩汇报 Reporting company results

      成立子公司 A new subsidiary

      支持服务 Business support


     1 Unit1 谈论工作和职业 Talking about Work and Careers

     C Cd ultivated 耕耘的,有教养的,栽植的

     M Mt issile expert 导弹专家

     P Pt ilot 飞行员,领航员

     M Mr ajor 主修的,成年的,大调的

     C Cl olonel 陆军上校,团长

     G Gl eneral 普通,将军,一般的普通的

     L Lt ieutenant 路军中尉,海军上,副职官员

     C Cn aptain 队长,上校,尚未,指挥,统帅

     R Rd igid 刚硬的,严格的

     M My inority 少数民族

     《 实用句型 Expressions 》


     What kind of work do you do? Are you a sales man?


     I`m a federal employee , I work for the department of labor.


     As soon as I I

     complete my traing, iam going to be a bank teller.


     John has built up his own business. H H e owns a hotel


     I like painting , but I I

     wouldn`t want it to be my life`s work.


     My brother`s in the army. He was just promoted to the rank of major.

     我有一份待遇优厚而且 时段特佳的工作

     I have a good- - pay ing job with excellent hours


     He always takes pride in his work. He`s very efficient.


     Mr.Smith is a politician,He`s running for election as governor.


     after a successful career in business, he was app ointed ambassador.

     < <s Dialogues 对话> >

     → Quit?But why?


     →I I

     like my job.But I I

     haven`t had any promotion since I I



     → Good luck may come to you next time


     → Who knows. I I

     don`t think there is any future for me in t he current company


     → I agree with you up to a point, but please thik twice before you leap


     →T T hank you for your kindness. I I `ll think about it


     → 你能告诉我一个合格的接待员应该满足什么样的条件吗?

     could u please tell me what`s th e requirement of being a qualified receptionist?

     → 我觉得一个称职的接待员应该是有礼貌, 有教养 有耐心的

     I I

     think a qualified receptionist is supposed to be polite, cultivated and patient

     → 我们不想要个教师

     we don`t want a teacher

     → 加上热情,考虑周到

     Enthusiastic and thoughtful

     → 我们也不想要个保姆

     No babysitter, either

     → 不要告诉我你们需要的是一个心理学家,好吗?

     Don`t tell me you want psychologist, do you?

     → 今天的工作怎么样?

     how was work today ?

     → 哦,在办公室过了开心的一天

     O O h, I I

     had a great day at the office

     → 跟我 说说情况

     tell me about it

     → 今早 ,秘书告诉我我是他遇到的最好的上司

     this morning ,my secretary told me that I I

     am the bes t boss that she has ever worked for

     → 他人真好

     that was very nice of her

     → 然后下午我收到 老板的短信,他叫我一收到短信就去找他

     then,this afternoon I I got a message from my boss.He told me to come see him as soon as I I

     got it

     → 他要对你说什么?

     what did he want to say to you?

     → 他告诉我我是一个很好的员工,他很高兴做我的老板

     He told me that I I


     a great worker and that he is very happy being my boss

     → 哇,太好了。对好的一天

     wow, that`s great .what a wonderful day!

     → 是啊,我感觉幸运极了

     yes, I I

     feel like

     such a lucky woman

     《 替换练习

     substitution drills 》

     W W hat kind of work do you do? A A re you a salesman? 你坐哪一类的工作,你是一位 推销员

     T T ruck driver? 卡车司机

     D D epartment store clerk? 百货店职员

     G G overnment worker? 政府公务员

     I I `m a federal employee. I I

     work for the department or f Labor 我是联邦政府的职员,我在 劳工部

     e Commerce 商务部

     e Agricluture 农业部

     e State 国务院

     e Justice 司法部

     AS soon as I I

     complete my training ,

      I I

     r am going to be a bank teller 一旦完成了我的训练,我将是一位 银行出纳员

     M Mt issile expert 导弹专家

     P Pt ilot 领航员

     H Hr otel manager 酒店经理

     B Br ookkeeper 记账员

     John has built up his own business. H Hl e owns a hotel 约翰已经建立起他自己的生意,他 拥有一家旅社

     H H as a taxicy ab company 有一家计程车公司

     M My anages a shoe factory 经营一家制鞋工厂

     H Hp as a barbershop 有一家理发店

     R Rt uns a restaurant 经营一家餐馆

     I like painting,but I I

     wouldn`t want it to be my life`s work

     W We orking in an office 在办公室工作

     W Wg riting 协作

     M Mc usic 音乐

     T Tg eaching swimming 教游泳

     My brother`s in the army. H Hr e was just promoted to the rank of major 少校

     C Cl olonel 上校

     G Gl eneral 少将

     L Lt ieutenant 中尉

     C Cn aptain 上尉

     I have a good – paying job with excellens t hours 我有一份待遇优厚而且 时段特佳

     G Gs ood working conditions 工作环境良好

     A A

     r vacation every year 每年都有休假

     A Ay nnual increases in salary 每年都加薪

     M M any fringe benes fits 有很多福利

     H H e always takes pride in his work. H Ht e`s very efficient 有效率

     I Is ndustrious 勤勉

     M Ms eticulous 仔细

     A Ae ccurate 精细

     D Dd evoted 肯投入

     D Dd edicated 敬业

     M M r,smith is a politician. H Hr e`s running for election as governor 州长

     M Mr ayor 市长

     R Re epresentative 众议员

     S Sr enator 参议员

     P Pt resident 总统

     s After a successful career in business 在商界 , he was appointed ambassador

     P Ps olitics 在政治上

     T Ty he army 在军队中

     T Te he foreign service 在外交事务方面


     作决定 making decisidons

     M M ake up one`s mind 下决心,接受,承认

     C Cd hange one`s mind 改变主意

     I Ie nfluence 影响,感应,改变

     A Ah stonish 使惊讶

     I I t doesn`e t make any difference 没什么两样

     《实用句型 Expressions 》

     W W hat have you decided? 你决定什么了?

     I I

     s am anxious to know what your decision is 我急切想要知道你的决定是什么

     I I

     e am confident you`ve made the right choice 我相信你做了正确的选择

     I I

     d want to persuade you to change your mind 我想劝你改变你的想法

     W W ill you accept

     my advice? 你愿意接受我的忠告吗?

     H Hd e refuses to make up his mind 他拒绝作决定

     H Hn e didn`t want to say anything to influence my decision 他不想说任何话来影响我的决定

     H Hy e knows it`s inconvenient,but he wants to go anyway 他知道那不方便,可是他无论如何也要去

     Y Yh ou can make a decision whenever you wish 你想做决定随时都行

     S S he

     r insists that it doesn`t make any difference to her 他坚持说这对她没什么两样

     s <Dialogues 对话> >


     W W hat`s the matter,anne? D D o you have a problem?


     Y Y es, I I

     have a chance to get another job and I I

     don`t know what to do

     如果哪工作比你现在的好,那就去吧。这是 我的忠告

     I I f it`s a better job than you have now, take it. T T hat`s my advice


     I I t isn`t as easy as that, Richard . I I

     like the job I I

     have now very much. T T he people in my office are very nice and my work is interesting

     薪水怎么样 ?假如我要做决定就会考虑到这一点

     W W hat about the salary? T T hat would influence

     me if I I

     had to make a choice


     Y Y es ,the salary is better. I I f I I

     accept the job,I I

     `ll get more money right away. W W hat should I I

     do? I I

     have to let th em know my decision today.


     Y Y ou`ll just have to decide for yourself, anne. I I `ll be anxious to know what you do .i`d like to try to get that new job,if you decide not to take it


     I I

     c c ant`t make up my mind which computer to buy,jeff.help me decide


     P P ersonally I I

     like that white one, but I I

     think you prefer the black computer


     Y Y ou`re right. I I

     like it very much ,but the blue one is beautiful .too


     Y Y es, but it`s more expensive. I I

     don`t want to influence



     E E very computer here is nice . I I

     don`t know what to do


     W W ell ,you`ll have to make a decision


     B B uying a toy comp uter for my son is almost as difficult as buying a new family computer

     《 替换练习

     substitution drills 》

     I I `m anxious to know what your decision


     C Cs urious 好奇

     S Sd urprised 好奇怪

     A Ad stonished 好惊异

     I I `m confident you`ve made the right choice

     S Se ure 确信

     P Pe ositive 肯定

     C Cn ertain 确定

     S S atisfd ied 满意

     I I

     d want to persuade you to change your mind 我想说服你改变你的想法

     G Gt et 让

     B Bg eg 请求

     U Ue rge 力劝

     F Fe orce 迫使

     I I `ve definitely 已完全 decided to go to califonia

     A At lmost 几乎已经

     A At bout 大概

     H Hy alfway 有五成

     H H e didn`t want to say anything to influ ence my decision

     t Affect 影响

     C Ce omplicate 搅乱

     S S he refuses to make up her mind

     H H ates to 讨厌

     D D oesn`t like to 不愿

     I Io s afraid to 害怕

     D Do oesn`t want to 不想

     Y Y ou can go whenever

     随时 you wish

     W W herever 任 何地方

     A Ae t whatever time 任何时间

     O Oy n whatever day 不论什么日子

     W W e`re willing to accept your decision

     A At dopt 采纳

     F Fw ollow 追随

     A Ao gree to 同意

     A Ae pprove 赞同

     S S he insists that it doesn`t make any differee nce 他坚持这对他 没什么两样

     D Dr oesn`t matter 无所谓

     I It sn`t important 并不重要

     D Dg oesn`t mean anything 毫无意义

     I Ir s all the same to her 完全一样

     S S he decided against studying all after noon

     I In nsisted on 坚持

     K Kt ept 始终

     C Cd onsidered 认为

     Unit3 3

     商场上的殷勤待客 corporate business hospitality

     H Hy ositality 好客,宜人,盛情

     T Tr ransfer 迁移,移动,调任,转帐,转让

     S Sg ight seeing 观光

     J J et- -d lagged 不适应时差

     F Fn irst impression 第一印象

     W Wr on them over 把他们争取过来

     G Gk oing like clockwork 运作正常无误

     H Hc ectic 万分冲忙得,发热的,兴奋的,脸红,患肺结核

     A A

     3 3- -l course meal 三道菜的正餐

     M Me isplace 放错地方

     《实用句型 Expressions 》

     T T hanks for taking the time to meet me


     I I t has been a really great experience


     E E verything has run like clock work so far


     T T hanks for everything you`ve done for me

     感谢你为 我做的一切

     I I

     had to entertain some clients last night


     I I t`s been a really hectic day today


     I I

     think warm hospitality won the potential clients over


     W W e have to really impress our customers tonight


     C C an you give me a guided tour of th facilities?


     F F irst impressions count


     s <Dialogues 对话> >

     M Mt eeting a client at the airport 在机场接客户

     H H i, you must be mary? 海,你一定是马里? ?

     Y Y es, it`s apleasure to meet you. H H ow was your flight? S S hallwe go? I I `ve got acar waiti ng outside to take us to your hotel


     T T hat`d be great. T T he flight was ok.thanks for taking the time to meet me here


     N N o worries. O O ur company wants to make sure you have a pleasant trip

     别担心,我们公司希望 确保您旅途愉快

     I I

     really appreciate it 我真的表示感激

     E E verything has been organized for you. T T he accommodation, the transport and allt he other little things you should need


     D D oes the conference

     begin tomorrow? 会议明天开始吗? ?

     Y Y es, thereis a welcomg d inner tomorrow night


     T T hat`s great. I I t gives me some time to rest and see some of this city


     I It t `s already been n

     arranged, i`ll take you on a city tour tomorrow morning


     I Is mpressing some potential clients 给准客 户留下印象

     H H ey ali, how has the trade fair been going? 海,阿里,交易会进展如何?

     I I t`s been a really hectic day but so far everything has run like clockwork


     T Tr hat`s good to hear 听起来还不错

     W W ere you able to give thouse clients a tour of the company facilities?


     Y Y es, I I

     think it really impressed them


     G G reat, first impressions count


     Y Y es, i`m meeting them again tonight for dinner. W W hat plans have you got fot this afternoon?


     I I

     am going to meet a nd greet some representatives from apotentially big customer


     G G reat. Y Y ou should be able to put on a real show to impress them. W W hy not take them on a tour of the new factory?


     H H ey, that`s not such a bad idea. I I

     th ink I I

     might just

     do that


     T T hen tomorrow we might be able to get down and talk about business


     T Tt he new client 新客户

     H H ow has your conference been so far? 你的会议进展如何?

     G G reat. I Ie t`s been a really great experience 好极了,这真是一次非常棒的经历

     W W ere you able to fit

     a tour of the city in? 你安排了市容游览了没有?

     Y Y es ,I I

     must thank you for organizing that . I I

     found it most interesting


     N N o worries, i`m just here to make sure everything runs somoothly


     I I

     also thoroughly enjoyed the tour of your company facilities. I I t provide

     a great insight into the company we will be dealing with


     R R eally? Y Y ouhave signed the contract? 真的吗?你们已经签署了合同?

     Y Y es,your company``s professionalism and hospitality won me over

     是的 ,你们公司的专业性和热情款待把我打动了

     I I `m really pleased to hear that, but if we don`t hurry we might miss your flight


     H H a,ok ,i`ll go and get my bags now


     <substitution drills >

     H H ow did the meeting with the potential customer s go?


     T Td hey seemed jet lagged 他们好像 下了飞机还没有适应时差

     I Im mpressed with what we showed them 对我们展示给他们的东西留下了深刻印象

     I It ndifferent 无动于衷

     W W ere you able to talke business with the guests last night?


     Y Y es, but they still haven`t t decided yet 没有做出决定

     H He ave another 2 days to decide 需要在考虑两天作决定

     W Wo ant more info 需要更多的信息


     D D id you organize everything for the guests?

     是的,我一紧赶排了机场接送和住宿,但我还需要组织一次公司参观游览 a company tour

     一次观光游览 a sight seeing tour

     他们交易会的参观事项 their trade fair visit

     D D o you know where the trade fair is being held?


     N N o, I I

     t thought our clients had arranged it 不知道我还以为 我们的客户已经安排好了

     Y Yw ou knew 你知道

     W W e could find

     e out here 我们可以在这里查询

     D D id they appreciate your hospitality?


     O Ol f course, they loved the 5 star hotel 当然,他们十分中意,那家五星级酒店

     T Tr he guided tour 有导游的游览

     T Tr he trade fair 交易会

     W W here are the clients now?


     T T hey arg e currently in a meeting 他们正在开会

     R Rg esting 休息

     T Ts alking business with our boss 和我们的老板谈生意

     did you remember to pick up the guests from the airport?


     Y Yn es ,but our car broke down 我们的车坏了

     T T hey lost their lugge age 他们丢失了行李

     g 1 person was missing 一人失踪了


     H H ow was the trade fair?

     A A

     k great opportunity to network 这是一次 建立联络网 极好的机会

     考察竞争情况 check out the competition

     创造新商机 create new business

     C C ould you take me on a company tour?


     I I

     will get my secretary o to 会叫我的秘书

     r take you on a tour 带你参观

     W Wo ould love to 很高兴

     D Dn on`t know whether we can 不知道我们是否能够

     S S o did you have a successful day?


     Y Y es, the trade fair proved very interesting 非常有意义 for my company

     是的,这次交易会对我们的公司来说 P Pe rofitable 很有利可图

     A A

     t first 是破天荒第一次

     Unit4 4

     请别人帮忙 asking favors of other people

      F Fr avor 好感,宠爱,支持,赞成

     D D o sb. A A

     r favor 帮忙

     R Ry epay 偿还,报答,答复

     I Iy n any way 以任何方使

     B B e indebted to sb. F Fr or 对



     W W ould you please hold the door open forme?


     Y Y ou`re very kind to take the

     trouble to help me


     I I

     wish I I

     could repay you somehow for your kindness


     I I `m afraid it was a bother for you to do this


     T T here`s just one last favor I I

     need to ask o f you


     I I f there`s a nything else ican do ,please let me know


     I I

     certainly didn`t intend to cause you so much inconvenience


     I I `d appreciate it if ou would turan out the lights



     W W ould you help me for a minute ,please?


     O O f course,what do you want me todo?


     C C ould you hold these packages while I I

     look for the key to the door?


     I I `d be glad to .what`s in these packages? T T hey`re extremely



     J J ust the things we need

     for the picnic tomorrow


     W W ell,hurry up and open the door. I I

     tould ou these things were heavy


     I I

     can`t find the key. Y Y ou must have it


     Y Y ou`re right, but how can I I

     get the key while i`m holding a ll these packages?

     伫立,你可以帮我个忙吗?W W ould you please do me a favor, Julia? ?

     那得看是什么事情 I I t depends on what it is

     你借给我五块钱,周二还,行吗? could you loan me five dollars until T T uesday?

     如果你保证在周二还我,应该可以 I I

     suppose so if you`re sure you can pay me on T T uesday

     当然,另外哈有一件事情,你皆宜今晚把你的汽车 借给我吗?

     O O f course,there`s something else, too.would youmind lending me your car tonight?


     W W ell,I I

     guess not. I I

     have to study anyway .so I I

     won`t be using it


     W W onderful ,I I

     have one last favor to ask y ou .i`d appreciate it if I I

     could borrow your husband`d blue suit tonight

     你的西装怎么了? what`s the matter with your suit?

     在洗衣店,今晚我要带 u jinaweifu 去看电影,而我希望看起来帅一些

     I I t`s in the

     cleaners, I I

     am aking Genevieve

     to the movies tonight. A A nd I I

     want to look good

     可是他是我朋友啊 but she is my friend

     哦,我差点忘了,我也可以像你借 u jinaweifu 吗? oh,I I

     nearly forgot, could I I

     borrow Genevieve


     W W ould you please hold the door open forme? 请你帮我把门开着好吗?

     L Ld eave the door unlocked 不要把门锁上

     K Kg eep the fire burning 让火燃烧

     H H ave

     y dinner ready 把晚饭准备好

     H Hd ave these clothes washed 把那些衣服清洗干净

     Y Ye ou`ve very kind to take the trouble to help me 你真好心,不嫌麻烦的为我帮忙

     N Ne ice 好

     T Tl houghtful 有心

     C Ce onsiderate 体贴

     S St weet 可人

     U Ug nderstanding 善解人意

     I I

     w w ish I I

     s could repay you somehow for your kindness 我但愿对你的好心能有所回报

     R Rd eward 有所报答

     S S how my gratitude to 表达我的感激

     P P ay 有所报赏

     T Tk hank 表示谢意

     I Is `m afraid it was a bother for you to do this 恐怕作者件事情,会给你添麻烦

     B B othersor me for 给你带来麻烦

     A A

     n burden on 成为一种负担

     A A n inconvenience to 很不方便

     A A n imposition

     n on 不很舒适

     T T here`s just one last favor I I

     u need to ask of you 我需要请你帮我最后一个忙

     I I

     feel I I

     o need to 我觉得需要

     I I

     o `d like to 我愿意

     I I

     t must 我必须

     I I

     fell I I

     t must 我觉得必须

     I I

     o ought to 我应当

     I I

     o just have to 我不得不

     I I `d be happy to help you in any way I I

     can 我了雨季我所能的任何 方法来帮助你

     P Pn ossibly can 仅我所能的

     M Mo ight be able to 就我能力所能及的

     A Ao m able to 竭尽所能的

     C Cd ould 尽力

     I I f there`s anything else I I

     can do ,plw ease let me know 如果还有任何其他我能做的事情,请告诉我

     D Dw on`t hesitate to let me know 不要迟疑让我知道

     C Ce all on me 打电话给我

     T Te ell me 告诉我

     S Sm end me a memorandum 写个便条通知我

     I I


     e didn`t intend to cause you so much inconvenience 我实在无意给你造成这么多的不便

     B Bh other you so much 麻烦你这么多

     I Is nterfere in your affairs 干预你的事情

     U Un pset your plan 推翻你的计划

     W Ws orry you with my problems 让你为我的问题烦心

     G Gs et you so involved inmy problems 让你为我的问题牵涉如此之多

     H He e`ll always be indebted to you for what you`ve done 对于你所作的他会用怀感激之情

     G G ratel ful 感激不尽

     T Tl hankful 深至感谢

     I Is `d appreciate it if you would turn out the lights 劳驾你把灯关了

     T Tt ry to be quiet 安静下来

     N Ny ot be so noisy 不如此吵闹

     E Ew xcuseme now 现在原谅我

     N Ny ot talk so loudly 不要如此大声谈话

     H He e`ll always be indebeted to you for what you`ve done 对于你所做得他会用坏感激之情

     G Gl rateful 感激不已

     T Tl hankful 深至感谢

     Unit5 5

     出差 business trip

     G Gk roundwork 地基,基础,根基

     A A

     g last minute thing 最后一刻临时决定的事情

     D Df ebrief 听取报告,听取汇报

     N Nn egotiation 商议,谈判,流通

     D Dk oble check 在此核对

     In the

     e pipeline 在准备过程中的

     C Ce ompromise 妥协,折衷

     F Fe utile 琐细的,无用的,无效果的

     I I nitial pleasantries s 初次见面的寒暄

     C Cy heap and nasty 价廉质劣的

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